You gave me HOPE that our Race will pull out of this…


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2008: S.Africa: Oprah Winfrey, Racist diva of double standards
Ms Winfrey openly and shamelessly admitted that her new school was not only racist, but also sexist. She opened an elite school only for Black Girls in SA.

[This is a lovely compliment and note I got from a lady supporter in the US. Jan]

She wrote:

Thank you, Jan, for the warm welcome! I am very excited to keep up-to-date with your excellent content, and I also want to take this opportunity to thank you for your wonderful, positive, encouraging message to Whites around the world. Whenever I listen to your discussions of the many accomplishments of White Europeans, I always come away, not only feeling better informed and connected to the history of my race, but also inspired and invigorated. Please know that your research and commentary are making a big impact in my life and the lives of many Whites who have so long suffered the indoctrination and abuse of the Jewish parasites that work so insidiously to poison the minds and demoralize the spirits of our people. You have helped me to renew my faith in the greatness of our race and for the first time really believe it is possible to get free from the lies, rot, and subversion, and rebuild a world of White dominance and racial integrity. I thank you again from my heart, and I look forward to learning much more!

I replied:

I am very pleased to hear this, in fact, I’m going to save this away and maybe even use it in one of my newsletters.

Because we’ve lived through more than you folks have, we can tell you what happens much much later.

In fact, go and watch the very latest TeamWhite that I put out yesterday. Watch the story of the little German girl and my commentary. That will add to your understanding. JEWS ARE MISINTERPRETING OUR HISTORY IN AFRICA IN ORDER TO LIE TO YOU. In fact, JEWS ARE REINTERPRETING YOUR HISTORY RIGHT UNDER YOUR NOSES AND NOW MAKING YOU SCARED AND AFRAID OF YOUR HISTORY. e.g. SLAVERY – the fake crime of slavery. Everyone, everywhere on earth had slaves. Our ancestors even believed in THE RIGHT TO ENSLAVE PEOPLE – e.g. Prisoners of war. In ancient times, slaves (even Whites) were either POWS or they were even criminals. Julius Caesar sold an entire town into slavery because they were TRAITORS – they broke their deal with him. Morality IS GOING TO KILL US ALL. Jews are abusing that like crazy.

There are other things that scare the White Right, which I actually want to deal with – deeper things – fears that demoralise the White Right and it’s needless.

I am very delighted that you listen to my stuff regularly. That is very important. I put out content that has meaning and is as accurate as I can make it.

It’s nice to get an email like this. I save emails like this. Then I know I have done good.

JEWS are SNAKES. Never trust these bastards. But listen to my teamwhite commentary at the start – I discuss what the Jews are doing with your history and how they’re twisting our history and your history and using it against all of us.


We’re fine. Our real problem is demoralisation. Get the JEW out of your BRAIN and you’ll be happy, healthy and STRONG!

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Video & Audio: Nelson Mandelas support for Jews
We take a quick look at Nelson Mandela the most famous Black politician in the world, and the first Black President of South Africa. He has amazingly strong ties to the White Jews of South Africa. This is born out in his own words, and also in photos.

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