WW2: NAZI Superwoman Hanna Reitsch – Germany is now nothing … soft … car makers … bankers

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[Here is something that Hanna Reitsch said in the last interview she ever gave. One of my German friends thinks the same thing about Germany. He left Germany because to him Germany is Jewish owned and no German in Germany stands a chance against the Jewish filth. But read this quote from this White superwoman, Hanna Reitsch and what she thought of Germany. Deep down in all Whites is an energy and a desire for greater things, but these Germans under Hitler, felt it the deepest. There was an energy and life within them. It reminds me of the brilliant Dr Goebbels. He predicted that the world, under Jewish rule, would become dull and backward. And indeed it is. We kneel before Blacks. All kinds of fools and garbage rise to the top. This is nothing to be proud of. This is not what we Whites are. As I've said, we are NOT shop-keepers and business people. This is not what we are by nature. Hanna Reitsch, to the end of her life cherised the medals Hitler gave her. That was something! It shows that when Hitler was around, he stood for something, Germany stood for something. National Socialism was something important. We, as a people will once again attain greatness. She says that the real guilt of the Germans is that they LOST! That reminds me of one of my favourite Napoleon quotes: "To live defeated is to DIE every day!" I can agree with that. I know the feeling. Jan]

Here is a fascinating piece on what she said in her last interview:

Last interview, 1970s

Reitsch was interviewed and photographed several times in the 1970s, towards the end of her life, by Jewish-American photo-journalist Ron Laytner. In her closing remarks she is quoted as saying:

And what have we now in Germany? A country of bankers and car-makers. Even our great army has gone soft. Soldiers wear beards and question orders. I am not ashamed to say I believed in National Socialism. I still wear the Iron Cross with diamonds Hitler gave me. But today in all of Germany you can’t find a single person who voted Adolf Hitler into power … Many Germans feel guilty about the war. But they don’t explain the real guilt we share – that we lost.[56]

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hanna_Reitsch

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