WW2: Germany’s amazing tank production in 1944


The Germans really battled with the masses of tanks that the Jewish Bolsheviks of the Soviet Union had. This was because disgusting America was helping them massively and had produced enormous factories in Jewish Communist Russia.

The Germans only went to war with about 3,000 tanks, most of them Panzer 1, 2 and 3.

By 1944, they were being massively bombed and were fighting on two fronts, and yet, it is staggering how many vehicles they were producing. Speer noted that in 1944 Hitler wanted a staggering 40,000 tanks. Despite the incredible problems, bombing, two-front war and losses, the Germans still churned out an incredible 27,000 tanks in 1944.

The Americans and Russians had vast factories and unlimited resources and so their tank production was beyond imagination, whereas Hitler struggled with steel and oil shortages and vast numbers of problems.

Even so, that is an amazing tank production at that point in time.

The German tenacity and the German ability to adapt to almost anything, no matter how bad it was, is amazing.

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