WW2: 2nd Best German Sniper: Russian Cannibalism and Russian torture and murder of wounded German soldiers

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I was delighted to be reading a book about the 2nd best German sniper in the Wehrmacht in WW2. I’ve been wondering if I should turn it into an audio book.

I just wanted to read some more Eastern Front stuff from WW2, but this book contained some seriously nasty things. Really horrific WW2 stuff.

The sniper was actually an Austrian guy who got into the Wehrmacht, and was a machine gunner. Then he began to think how truly dangerous it was being a machine gunner and that’s when he tried his hand at being a sniper. He had over 250 confirmed proven kills – but in reality shot a lot more Russians dead than that.

One story which was horrific was how they discovered Russians living underground (I think in coal mines). And the Russians were ordered to stay there even when the Germans advanced.

Some Germans then went underground and discovered 2 cowering Russians. But nearby was a human corpse that they had been eating from. Upon being questions the young Russians said that the Political Commissar had forced all of them into cannibalism when they were running low on rations. The Political Commissar went and shot one or two Russians and forced them to smoke the body. The liver was eaten first I think. But they then cut pieces off the corpse as they used the corpse to supplement their rations. When the corpse had been consumed, the Political Commissar went and shot another Russian and they smoked his body. And so it continued for weeks.

The German soldiers were horrified when they saw the partly eaten Russian corpse as well as various body parts that had been cut from that man as well as others. The 2 Germans who went underground were so disgusted one of them turned around and just shot the 2 young Russians and they left.

The Russians were big into using snipers including many, many White women as snipers. If you go and read about WW2 you’ll see the Russians boasting about all their snipers.

The Germans on the other hand, rarely used snipers and even looked down on sniping. But as the war progressed, later Hitler gave special medals to snipers for 20, 40 and 60+ confirmed kills.

This German sniper told the story of how cruel the Russians were to wounded German soldiers.

He said that whereas the Germans tried to save the lives of their people and also tried to administer first aid to wounded people, the Russians never did this to the Germans. No wounded Germans were ever assisted by the Russians.

Instead, the Russians would deliberately torture the wounded German soldiers before killing them.

He also told the story of how, when the Germans were retreating in the final years of the war, how the anti-Communist Russians and many other Russians retreated with the Germans. They did not want to stay in the evil Jewish Bolshevik USSR.

The book contains many horrific descriptions of war. Really nasty, stomach churning stuff of hideous cruelty.

Interestingly, in General Von Manstein’s memoirs, I also read, with interest, how large numbers of Russians – Russian civilians retreated with the Germans. The German Army even helped them and gave them resources, etc.

The late Ernest Zundel’s wife, Ingrid, in one video where Zundel questions her about when she was a little girl in WW2, she also spoke about and told the story of how she and her family who were from Russia, actually retreated with the Wehrmacht. Nobody wanted to live in that evil hideous nation.

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