WTF! Over 1,000 Pages of Horrifying Pictures, Stories & Facts About Covid & Vaccines

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Video: 2nd Anglo-Boer War: The British Atrocities against the Boers
The 2nd Anglo Boer war is probably the only war where WHITE CHILDREN were the main victims by far! In this video we take a look at the dirty war that the British Army engaged in, in order to crush a tiny army of Dutch-German Farmers (the Boers) here in Africa. We look at photographs and information from that time. We also look at the role of the British Rothschilds and Jews in this war.

[It's insane … the stuff that's coming out of this. The people dropping dead, women having miscarriages and weird menstrual cycles. There's weird shit going on, and now that it's unleashed it can't be stopped. Jan]

There are lots of links as well as a 1,042 page PDF at the url below:-

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