Winston Churchill used chemical weapons to kill Bolsheviks (Jewish Communists) in 1919 in Russia

[We must remember Dresden and the mass murder of German women and children in a deliberate fire-bombing hell that was a deliberate creation of the British high command. Its a topic I’ll be returning to, tomorrow when I tell the rest of the story of how Churchill wanted to murder at least millions of Germans and very likely all of them.

Winston Churchill is a strange character. At one time he actually spoke about the Jews being behind the Bolshevik revolution in Russia. Back then he actually wanted to fight communism. I had heard mention that Britain and the Europeans actually wanted to invade Russia to defeat Jewish communism. In fact, Henry Ford in his book The International Jew actually made an error which I still want to mention to Alex Linder. He made an excellent audio book about Ford’s The International Jew.

Here’s the mistake Henry Ford made. He said that it was uncertain as to whether the Jews/Bolsheviks would yet retain control of Russia. This is one of the least told stories of the 1920s and I remember this from my previous studies of communism in the days before I was Jew-wise. The Bolsheviks engaged in a series of MASSIVE DECEPTIONS that “Europe fell for”. But you have to wonder what role the Jews played in fooling all of Europe. In the years after the Jewish communist hell was unleashed on Russia, the nations of Europe, including Britain wanted to invade Russia to destroy Bolshevism immediately. But the Jewish scumbag Lenin fooled the West and I think the untold part of the story lies in the Jewish work towards supporting this deception. Lenin pretended that communism was collapsing. They even created a very complex deception “proving” that communism was being destroyed from inside Russia. All of Europe thus held back. And in this way, through a series of massive deceptions, the whites of Europe held back and thus evil Jewish communism took firm control of Russia.

This is virtually a rerun of southern Africa where we could have knocked the black communists out time and again even after “losing” and each time there was an appropriate deception which resulted in us leaving the blacks alone and thus the black communists have managed to gain a firm foothold on the region. You’ll see the Jews always at work defending their abominable creation called communism.

There were armies in Russia fighting the communists for years.

What I was unaware of was that the British seemed to have actually fought a bit inside Russia. I’ve never heard of this before. I would like to see how accurate the story below is and if we can get more information on this topic.

It turns out that Winston Churchill was in favour of using a gas weapon in Russia and even against the Indians in India! I found this quite amazing story that indicates the British actually did a little bit of fighting in Russia in 1919 and Churchill was behind it.

However, the Churchill of 1919 and the early 1920s gave way in later years to a total Jewish puppet driven with an insane hatred to kill Germans in ways that will shock you. I’ll show you in the next article that what happened in Dresden is a tiny portion of a much bigger nightmare that Churchill had in stock for the Germans.

For the record: Nowadays everyone cries about the apparent use by Saddam Hussein or the Syrians or others of chemical weapons. These same hypocritical bastards are the same ones who themselves have massive stockpiles of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and have used them before. The “modern Western” world is hypocritical beyond belief. Furthermore, these same bastards have no problem killing whites while holding back and bending over backwards for black communists or other evil Jewish communist spawn. There’s too much JEW directing ALL the thinking and strategy of the West, that’s why white people are losing EVERYWHERE! Jan]

Winston Churchill’s shocking use of chemical weapons

The use of chemical weapons in Syria has outraged the world. But it is easy to forget that Britain has used them – and that Winston Churchill was a powerful advocate for them


Winston Churchill speaking at a munitions factory in Ponders End, 1916.
Winston Churchill speaking at a munitions factory in Ponders End, 1916. Photograph: Hulton Archive

Secrecy was paramount. Britain’s imperial general staff knew there would be outrage if it became known that the government was intending to use its secret stockpile of chemical weapons. But Winston Churchill, then secretary of state for war, brushed aside their concerns. As a long-term advocate of chemical warfare, he was determined to use them against the Russian Bolsheviks. In the summer of 1919, 94 years before the devastating strike in Syria, Churchill planned and executed a sustained chemical attack on northern Russia.

The British were no strangers to the use of chemical weapons. During the third battle of Gaza in 1917, General Edmund Allenby had fired 10,000 cans of asphyxiating gas at enemy positions, to limited effect. But in the final months of the first world war, scientists at the governmental laboratories at Porton in Wiltshire developed a far more devastating weapon: the top secret “M Device”, an exploding shell containing a highly toxic gas called diphenylaminechloroarsine. The man in charge of developing it, Major General Charles Foulkes, called it “the most effective chemical weapon ever devised”.

Trials at Porton suggested that it was indeed a terrible new weapon. Uncontrollable vomiting, coughing up blood and instant, crippling fatigue were the most common reactions. The overall head of chemical warfare production, Sir Keith Price, was convinced its use would lead to the rapid collapse of the Bolshevik regime. “If you got home only once with the gas you would find no more Bolshies this side of Vologda.”The cabinet was hostile to the use of such weapons, much to Churchill’s irritation. He also wanted to use M Devices against the rebellious tribes of northern India. “I am strongly in favour of using poisoned gas against uncivilised tribes,” he declared in one secret memorandum. He criticised his colleagues for their “squeamishness”, declaring that “the objections of the India Office to the use of gas against natives are unreasonable. Gas is a more merciful weapon than [the] high explosive shell, and compels an enemy to accept a decision with less loss of life than any other agency of war.”

He ended his memo on a note of ill-placed black humour: “Why is it not fair for a British artilleryman to fire a shell which makes the said native sneeze?” he asked. “It is really too silly.”

A staggering 50,000 M Devices were shipped to Russia: British aerial attacks using them began on 27 August 1919, targeting the village of Emtsa, 120 miles south of Archangel. Bolshevik soldiers were seen fleeing in panic as the green chemical gas drifted towards them. Those caught in the cloud vomited blood, then collapsed unconscious.

The attacks continued throughout September on many Bolshevik-held villages: Chunova, Vikhtova, Pocha, Chorga, Tavoigor and Zapolki. But the weapons proved less effective than Churchill had hoped, partly because of the damp autumn weather. By September, the attacks were halted then stopped. Two weeks later the remaining weapons were dumped in the White Sea. They remain on the seabed to this day in 40 fathoms of water.


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    Sorry her full name is Jenny Jacobson Jerome

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    Jan here is an extract that shows Churchill was Jewish, unfortunately Twitter deleted the screenshot I had of the book showing the text and the original image online has been deleted as well. I should have downloaded it, I will know next time.

    Wniston Churchil (whose mother, Jenny (Jacobson) – Page 5 of the Illustrated Sunday Herald dated Feb 8th Jerome, was Jewish – meaning he is Jewish under Israeli immigration law as he was born of a Jewish mother)


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