Wild Jewish screeching from New York … COVID-19 Holocaust, CoronaVirus Holocaust

I monitor some Jewish websites. I’ve watched a Jewish science website publishing almost eclusively nothing but corona virus stories. They just focus on Corona virus like crazy.

Then I see another one, with day after day “death tolls” of New Yorkers dropping dead like flies. Every day I see statistics in the upper 700s of “deaths from Corona”. Today it is 777. Yesterday it was something like 789 or whatever. But in the hundreds DEAD EACH DAY.

Not a day goes by without them screeching about the deaths.

Of course, I cannot trust their numbers.

I noted even a Jewish doctor from an emergency ward apparently, is spreading panic over this fake virus.

Race of drama queens, race of liars… scum.

Ignore them.

I doubt any of us will know even ONE person who dies from Corona virus all year.

The only thing the Jewish rats of New York have not said is: NAZIS CAUSED THE CORONA VIRUS…

Damn. I wish we did have a biological weapon that would make them drop dead like flies!!!

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