Why I totally believe Whites will come through WITH FLYING COLOURS…


I wrote this to a lady in reply to something she wrote:

I totally agree. And the more our people wake up the faster it will happen. Knowledge is the real thing. Both Hitler and Napoleon believed in the COMMON WHITE PERSON.

It is all about KNOWLEDGE. I’ve looked at many aspects of what Hitler did, including the Hitler Youth … … the truth and teaching is the most critical thing of all.

Once our people truly grasp certain facts, everyone will fall in line BY THEMSELVES … men, women, kids.

Here in SA we have a few of the younger Whites who were taught properly by other Whites (sometimes not their parents), and it is so REFRESHING to see how their minds are.

It’s fantastic. In my trip to the USA I met some young Whites who were red pilled and they were awesome. Ditto for the older folks.

In Canada I only met red pilled people … so my view of Canada is wonderfully screwed up because those are the only Canadians I think about.

Some say that Whites have a fault in that we believe words must match reality. He is right that Jews use this against us.

But, where it WORKS FOR US, is that when our people believe something, they instinctively begin to change their own actions in accordance with WHAT THEY BELIEVE.

This is a very wonderful trait. The more I watch our race, and the more history I learn, the more convinced I am that KNOWLEDGE ONLY is all we need.

Knowledge alone, will cause our people, of their own accord to just overturn nations. They’ll just bloody do it.

And the more I am watching doctors, scientists, and now even, economists and other specialists coming to the fore …. I’m telling you… we’re busy with the beginnings of something enormous.

We are RELIVING the 1920s-1930s RIGHT NOW. We are creating the new NAZISM/FASCISM that is going to animate our people. This includes discussions about race, Jews, history, values, mistakes of the past, etc, etc.

With all this mixed into the pot … you’re going to see the NEW VALUES of the Western world popping out there … and once our people believe in these values … our enemies will be fleeing for their lives.

These arrogant mother f*cker billionaires may need to flee to other countries too. I have learned enough that I totally believe that as we settle down to a broad agreement on all things, which is already largely in place, that from these, you’ll see how we’ll tear things down. George Lincoln Rockwell said: After Black Revolution comes WHITE REVOLUTION, and we are living in the beginning of WHITE REVOLUTION.

It may even be, that many things that we fear, will in fact work very well for us, that when WE DO REVOLUTION, it will stun the world, stun the Jews, stun the Blacks … nobody will believe it… when they see us do things.

A good aspect to us is that we DO NOT JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS. Our people will ONLY MOVE when they feel that facts are correct and firm. But once our people are CONVINCED of all the facts … oh boy … God help our enemies. They’re going to reap a whirlwind.

I truly believe that we are capable of wild things. There is a WILD SIDE to our race too .. a wild, dangerous side … We’re not to be toyed with. Once our people find their feet … and it’s becoming evident with time that confidence is growing. In fact I’m so pleased to see how well people have recovered from the election fraud and the fears of Biden. Our confidence will grow and OUR ANGER WILL GROW … but OUR DETERMINATION WILL GROW TOO.

Stand back, Jews, Blacks, Muslims … You’ve done your revolution … now let THE EUROPEAN RACE SHOW YOU HOW IT IS REALLY DONE!!!!

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