Why has JB Campbell disappeared? – Did they kill JB Campbell the American who fought in Rhodesia?


[Here is a note from a reader on my site, along with my reply. Jan]

The reader wrote:
Other: From an American perspective the interview you did with Rizoli contains what Americans need to know about Southern Africa.

More: please release your full interview with JB Campbell. I think they finally killed him. He is nowhere to be found and they have scrubbed his website and a good majority of his content from the web. What he had to say is very important.image

My Reply:-

Re: Campbell.

He is not dead. I have released all my interviews with him. I’d need to find in which videos they are. But I have released them all, a long time ago.

I had tried to get more interviews with him, but someone who knows him well had told me that he is not keen on interviews.

So I doubt he’s dead. I think he’s just withdrawn. I do know someone who knows him and we did discuss Campbell privately months ago.

Thanks for the info about the Rizoli interview. That’s good. I’m delighted.

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