Why does the USA want to go to war with Iran? (Of course JEWS JEWS JEWS are behind it!)


An American wrote this to me:-
Very good. Could this possibly be the reason Israel wants to US to go to war with Iran?

Ex-Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad remarked, "Some European countries are insisting on saying that Hitler burned millions of oppressed Jews in crematoria. They insist so much on this issue that if someone proves the opposite, they convict him and throw him into prison."

I replied as follows:-

The real reason is that the Iranians don’t take shit from Israel and of all of Israel’s enemies, Iran is the most implacable.

The Iranians also have their best troops, assisting the other Arabs against Israel. So wherever Israel turns, Iran gives them the hardest time of all.

I think it’s making those Jews go crazy. It’s probably the first time since Hitler that they’re facing a nation that just doesn’t bow down to their Jewish crap.

What I did not tell her was that yes, the Jews, all Jews, and the Israeli Jews, are of course not keen on the TRUTH about WW2 and Hitler. So yes, they hate that. But the real reason is that the Iranians are the only nation on Earth NOT to grovel like a spineless dog in front of Israel.

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