Why aren’t White women having Babies? – My Discussion with a young lady…

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This is from a discussion I was having with a young woman on the social media. Out of her own mouth, she confirmed what I was thinking – that there is nothing wrong with Whites. The real problem is Jewish Liberalism.

The topic came up and this is what the young woman wrote of her own accord:-

@jlamprecht It is so complicated. In fact the National Socialism ideology in Germany reflectd the natural order or the natural behavior of humans. It was not forcing a certain way on the German people. I believe this human nature is still the same till today and it says that woman would like to be mothers and have children but the Jews came and started brainwashig her about feminism. Also they made the man less man and so less attractive to woman. They created a system that reduces the birth rate of White people. Also the financial issue and the materialism make people wanting to work to earn more and spend on selfish materialistic things. Also the distance of religions make people unsecure to bring children. This is why Muslims bring far more children than Athiests and Christians because their societies are religious regardless if it is good or bad

I replied:
@Alice_F Alice, I agree with every word you say. Every single word. I’ve been thinking about this a lot myself. And it is deeper, as you say. I will say it in this way: There is (((academic thinking))) across the Western world which "teaches" that population growth slows down when people improve their standard of living. I disagree. Apart from cultural and political damage done by Jews, is the fact that most people cannot have lots of children because (a) They don’t have the finances (b) The husband and wife both have to have jobs. However, less than a century ago, whites were having huge families. The Boers in South Africa had up to 12 children in highly rural circumstances. A friend in Ireland told me there were families of up to 17! If that was possible with much worse medical facilities, etc – then why can’t women today have 10 children (and do so more safely)? I am convinced that the Jewish system has, in an unnoticeable way, actually destroyed the very fabric of cultural as well as national society such that whites just don’t go down that path. But, exactly as you say, NOTHING HAS CHANGED. Remove that Jewish crap, and Whites will be having tons of kids. The Vikings, a 1000 years ago, had a population that was GROWING RAPIDLY!!! What excuse do we have for not doing the same? I live in S.Africa. Black women have babies like there’s no tomorrow. They don’t even think twice about it. But Whites don’t because Whites think long term and Whites cannot afford them – over and above the nasty cultural and political things. I agree with you, that nothing has changed, except this disgusting environment. Remove this disgusting environment and EVERYTHING will return to normal. Women will be women, men will be men, and nature at every level will take its course. I no longer believe that men are sick or women are sick. It’s the damned CULTURE that is sick with all this Jewish nonsense and over-commercialisation and all this hate of whites. Tear that culture down, and in no time, nature will run it’s course. ALSO, I have come across multiple mentions from academics that any time a government gives people some kind of tax break for having kids, they have more kids immediately. This proves that FINANCE and MONEY are among the biggest reasons WHY people don’t have kids. It’s not that we are sick, but that a SICK CULTURE is thrust down on Whites, and without noticing it, it is harming us mentally and physically. I have even wondered if obesity, is itself a side effect of the sick anti-white culture. Tear down Liberalism, and anti-White hate, and people will respond. We live in a culture of endless HATE and FEAR, and it has to be breaking people down. That culture must be ripped apart as the Germans did it. Yes, I totally agree, Hitler let nature take its course. WE ARE NOT DOOMED TO DIE. Not at all. THE SYSTEM IS KILLING ALL OF US.

Some additional thoughts of mine:
In another chat I wrote: The more I interact with Whites everywhere, the less I think that we are sick. I think the Jewish Liberal system IS MAKING US PHYSICALLY SICK. I’ve just as a chat with a lady on Gab about this very point. We were talking about why Whites aren’t having kids. I think these days, that the lowering of White Birth rates should have been the first warning sign, decades ago, that THE SYSTEM IS MAKING THE WHOLE WHITE POPULATION SICK!

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