Who is this German-Hating Catholic Father James Altman? Is he a German from the USA?


[A lady I know in North American sent me this note about James Altman, who it seems is Father James Altman. So if this is the guy, then the bad news is that he is a German-hating German. A traitor to his own, and it seems as if he's in the pay of the lying Jews with their holocaust junk. So despicable. I don't have links to his videos but if anyone has a link, then send it to me on my website. It's so disgusting. I'm so sick and tired of attacks on Germans. Such bullshit. Jan]

She wrote: James Altman is from La Croix, Wisconsin
As soon as he preached against communism, he disappeared. Have no idea where he went or where he is.

I find it pitiful that he, being of German descent as his name suggests, would turn against his own people. It is so terrible. Such a fricken traitor. Send me links to his recent videos as I have not seen them

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