WHITES WINNING: Confederates: 11th Circuit Hears Florida Monument Case


Dallas Pioneer Cemetery Confederate War Memorial Appeal Brief filed – 4 minutes before the midnight filing deadline!

It is an excellent, excellent Brief that, if fairly heard, should do very well!

PS to the Confederate/Heritage/Traditional American community: This is a great case because the facts in the record shows very clearly the misdeeds of the Dallas politburo! –
We are putting together an information sheet that our community can use for public advocacy on the monument issue – we need to inundate state newspapers with citizen letters about this and other monument cases. And get Pat Buchanan, Jerry Patterson & Lt Col West involved.doing Op-Ed pieces!

We still have a Reply brief & oral arguments in this case in the future. We need to raise funds to continue (I just put $6300 on my personal credit card in the last 2 weeks for our monument related cases)

In addition we must finish & file our Writ to the US Supreme Court on our San Antonio/UT Austin Appeal! We also have a Court of Appeals opinion pending in the Dallas Return Lee Statue case, and now the Lakeland, Florida monument case was argued last week before the 11th Circuit in Atlanta

But remember my friends in Dallas we are WINNING – We must keep up the SKEER!

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