Whites were doing this 110 Years ago! – China’s latest achievement: AG600 amphibious aircraft – STOP! – My Comments


[I am making a note of following military developments in the world because this is important stuff and I am getting my own knowledge more up to date. So I saw this developement from China about the "new" Chinese "amphibious aircraft"… hmmm. Then I thought, let me take a closer look, and I burst out laughing!  Whites were doing this better and on a BIGGER SCALE a century ago. 

The "new term" of "amphibious plane" merely means a sea plane. There WERE sea planes that could also land on land. So there's nothing unique about the Chinese "achievement". 
Whites also made these planes to ENORMOUS sizes… Why did we build seaplanes? Well, the main reason for seaplanes was because there were so few airports. Thus seaplanes could land anywhere, where there was water. 
I am quite fascinated by seaplanes and I think they were a lovely development, though we hardly need them any more, except perhaps for some military uses. 
WW2 resulted in a MASSIVE building of airports and landing strips ACROSS THE WORLD – which nobody mentions! And that is why seaplanes disappeared after WW2. 


div>So the Chinese "achievement" is nothing… they're 100 years behind whites. Jan]

Source: Xinhuanet
Editor: Li Wei

2020-04-14 17:33:40

BEIJING, April 14 (Xinhua) — China’s independently-developed AG600 large amphibious aircraft has conducted test flights over the sea, according to its developer Tuesday.

It represents a major step forward before the amphibious airplane model conducts its first taking off from the sea surface, which is planned within the year, said the state-owned plan maker Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC).

Through the test flights, crew members confirmed and familiarize themselves with the airspace and marine environment for the upcoming test flight missions.

Codenamed "Kunlong," AG600 is designed to be the world’s largest amphibious aircraft. Its development represents China’s breakthrough in this field.

AG600 conducted its maiden flight in December 2017 and completed its first takeoff and landing on the water in October 2018.

Source: https://www.globalsecurity.org/wmd/library/news/china/2020/china-200414-pladaily01.htm?_m=3n%252e002a%252e2843%252eql0ao0efsw%252e2mjl

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