#BS#WARNING: WHITES: Forget the good Blacks…

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#BS#An American lady told me that there are many good Blacks suffering, etc and that we must not forget them and they are on our side. I wrote this to her:

But, do NOT believe that ANY non-Whites are capable of turning things around. Been there. We’ve tried this to death in Africa. The good blacks, are WORTHLESS. Worthless.

The good non-Whites will NEVER be able to turn this around. I’m warning you, in the end, it’s Whites or NOTHING.

Been there, it’s been DONE TO DEATH IN AFRICA in multiple countries. We’ve tried it in every conceivable form known to man.

I repeat, its WHITES OR NOTHING. you’ll see how the weak non-Whites who are on our side are incapable of stopping the tide.

In the end this is about RACE ONLY. Only race exists. Only race matters.
Everything else is a figment of your imagination.

We had lots and lots of good blacks. We armed them, we helped them. In the end they are worthless. Forget about it. It’s been done to death in Africa and its failed every time.
It’s been tried in at least half a dozen countries if not more. It’s a waste of time.

I’m telling you, in the end, when push comes to shove, the good blacks are weak and/or they will be KILLED or silenced.
In the end it is RACE ONLY. ONLY. There is no other option.

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