Whites have existed far, far, FAR LONGER than the Jews – Jews are only 2,800 years old


[I saw another blogger saying in private comments that Jews apparently interbred with Whites in prehistoric times. So I wrote a note to him. Jan]

Here’s the note I sent:
The Jews could never have intermingled with Whites in very ancient times. Jews have only existed, probably, for 2800 years. That’s all.

Jews don’t have a long history. WE have a LONG history.


What I will add here is that Whites have a history that goes back 45,000 years. Our ancestors can be traced back to the time they entered Europe 40-45,000 Years ago. Jews have only existed for 2,800 years. But you’ll see that the Jews even have their dumb Jewish calendar going back 6,000 years. Their current date for 2022 for example is: 5782. That’s just pure garbage. They’ve not even existed that long.

All their history is just a bunch of mythical garbage.

Jews existed in the times of the Egyptians. But that time stretches far back, so you need to know exactly when Jews first truly appeared on the scene. As best I know it’s 2,800 years and no more.

Jews were more clearly identified during the time of the Ancient Greeks. They wrote various crap back then to try to fool the Greeks.

So the age of Jews: 2,800 years. The Age of the European race: 45,000 Years.

There’s no comparison.

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