Whites have a *WILD SIDE* … WARNING: Whites might not remain sheeple…


There are many people who believe that Whites are quiet sheeple … and that Whites will remain sheeple. But I know us … and I look at Whites everywhere … and I’m WARNING YOU … that Whites are only sheeple and sheeplike under certain conditions and those conditions have been carefully contrived and created since WW2.

As I watch the world unravelling … and, to my utter delight, the unravelling seems to even be going faster and faster….

I want to WARN YOU that the sheep-like White will NOT remain a firm factor in the world.

We are busy watching momentous stuff falling apart at the seams, and levels of anger and frustration and disgust that I’ve never seen in the West in my entire lifetime.

I’ve never seen Whites so unstable as now. But I have, all my life, here in Africa observed instability and violence among Blacks.

But Whites are moving out of that mode of quiet obedience.

Deep down, Whites have a WILD SIDE … a serious … and DANGEROUS … WILD SIDE.

It’s going to get CRAZIER… it’s fantastic… the Wild side is coming…

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