WHITES: Get ready for ABYSS WORLD … a dark world … where MONSTERS FIGHT… See you there!


I have been reading and posting a number of articles about South Africa’s economy taking unprecedented beatings. Even the rich have taken beatings – beatings like they’ve never experienced before, which does DELIGHT ME!

The SCAM known as Jewish Capitalism is teetering. But here in South Africa, the beatings that have been dished out are intense. The country has taken a whacking the likes of which it has never known.

It is undeniable that we in South Africa are heading over the cliff finally … into the ABYSS … into ABYSS WORLD. And I’m happy for this.

But ABYSS WORLD will come to everyone else … in the years to come. You might need to wait for 10 or even 20 years, but it will come everywhere. It will probably come to the USA a decade before it hits Europe.

But ABYSS WORLD is a world where MONSTERS meet each other and fight it out. They fight over the remnants of what used to exist. It is into this world, where all Whites must, and will descend. In that world, we too will become MONSTERS. We too, will fight for what is ours.

It’s a good place to be.

See you there.

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