Whites are noticing: Google’s AI Hates Drawing White People


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[This is good. People are noticing fast. Megyn Kelly even discussed this. People are moving faster on all these issues. Jan]

Google has released its new 1.5 update for its Gemini AI platform, which
allows users to ask questions similar to our own Gab AI platform [1].
The update, unfortunately, incorporates the Marxist ideology of
"diversity, equity, and inclusion," a doctrine that seeks to impose
uniformity of thought under the guise of promoting differences.

Users have quickly noticed that the Gemini AI is fixated on skin color,
sex/gender, and sexuality. It also avoids depicting white people,
particularly white men. The Not The Bee Blog did a full breakdown of
all the examples [2] and compared the results to Gab AI’s image

Why Google’s Image AI Is Woke and How It Works

When you submit an image prompt to Gemini Google is taking your prompt
and running it through their language model on the backend before it is
submitted to the image model.

The language model has a set of rules where it is specifically told to
edit the prompt you provide to include diversity and various other
things that Google wants injected in your prompt.

The language model takes your prompt, runs it through these set of
rules, and then sends the newly generated woke prompt (which you cannot
access or see) to the image generator.

Left alone without this process, the image model would generate expected
outcomes for these prompts. Google has to literally put words in your
mouth by secretly changing your prompt before it is submitted to the
image generator.

How do we know this? Because we’ve built our own image AI at Gab and we
understand how this technology works very well. Unlike Google, we are
not taking your prompt and injecting diversity into it. Oh and it knows
how to draw White people too. Give a shot yourself by clicking below and
be sure to tell a friend!

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