Whites are NOT naturally crazy, pathalogically altruistic or Liberal … it’s JEWS!!!


I was chatting to some folks and telling them that the more I observe things and the more I study recent events as well as history and different countries, the more I walk away with the view that Whites are NOT naturally screwed up. I’m totally convinced that the real problem is a combination of factors and Jews play a part in it.

This then leads to the issue of how much control do Jews actually exert over Western civilisation and society. I think Jews have a tremendous level of power and influence. But it’s not always direct power. But Jews ensure that THEY GET THEIR WAY IN A WHITE SOCIETY. They will work like crazy to DERAIL Whites from the directions they would NATURALLY take, and they do it to a level that is insane. In most things important the Jews get their way.

  1. I think too many Jews get into positions of power and influence. They then abuse these positions and use all sorts of methods to derail what Whites want to do. They probably use a lot of sophistry and bogus, unprovable junk arguments.

  2. The Jews control White Culture to a shocking degree. Then of course you have just a tiny group of Jews who control the Mass Media.

These two things, used in concert along with other twists like money, etc form the basis for derailing Whites.

  1. You also have Money that is “Jewish racialised”. Jews control who does NOT GET RICH. There is a filtering system especially in money but it exists in all methods of promotion and advance through the system.

The Jews are like wild monkeys who climb to the top of a tree and then control everything from the top and they kick off people who are climbing up who present a threat to them. Their goal is to get to the top of the tree as a team.

I am convinced from all my interactions with Whites in different countries that Whites are not naturally crazy. I think the KEY MISTAKE Whites have made is by allowing the Jews in and then letting them do their thing! That’s the REAL ISSUE.

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