[I like this very much. Whites honouring other Truth Telling Whites. Very awesome. We should do a LOT more of this. This is lovely. Jan]

On 25 January 2023, the Robert Faurisson International Prize (fifth edition) took place once again in Vichy, where globalist tyranny, linked to the phantom "pandemic" and graphene oxide sewage called "anti-Covid ‘vaccines’" (made compulsory for anyone wishing to travel), had prevented us from going in person for the previous two years.

The event, which saw the presence of friends of truth, freedom, and justice having made the journey not only from France, Britain, and Italy, as in the past, but also from Holland, Turkey, and even the United States, was a complete success, despite open threats from the city authorities and an official ban(1).

After the heroic Ursula Haverbeck (2019), Vincent Reynouard (2020), Wolfgang Fröhlich (2021), and the siblings Monika and Alfred Schaefer (2022), this year the award went to another persevering exponent of the revisionist cause, the exiled German chemist Germar Rudolf(2), author of fundamental studies(3), including The Chemistry of Auschwitz-The Technology and Toxicology of Zyklon B and the Gas Chambers – A Crime-Scene Investigation(4).

Here is the inscription that can be read on the plaque dedicated to him:

"to Germar Rudolf, excellent, courageous, and indomitable researcher and militant of the cause of historical revisionism – Vichy, 25 January 2023".

The memory of our beloved Professor and the example of fortitude, dignity, and intelligence that he was able to give with his tireless commitment and life’s work are more alive than ever and will remain forever.

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