White Military Technology in action: AC-130 Gunship In Action Convoy Destroyed In Fallujah


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S.Africa: Hideous: 5 children murdered for Witchcraft
Blacks in Africa believe in Witchcraft like crazy. Even Black Christians regard Witchcraft as more powerful than the Bible. Murders of Blacks for body parts for Witchcraft goes on in Africa all the time. Here‘s a story from SA.

[The technology of these AC-130 gunships amazes me. Ditto for the US attack helicopters. Rest assured all this insane technology was created by Whites. If only we would use our skills for our race! Jan]


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Zimbabwe: I prefer sex with animals... is better than sex with women
This Black guy has had sex with 260 women, but he‘s also had sex with different types of animals. He‘s concluded that sex with animals is better...

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