White Canadian Lady’s thoughts on the critical importance of White Children – Thoughts on Marriage


[More from my Canadian supporter on the importance of White Children and encouraging White women to get pregnant. Fatherhood is nice, but not totally critical. My own father was not close to me and he died when I was 17. Hitler's father died when he was young. So you can still pull yourself together despite the loss. A mother is much more critical than a father. Mothers are loved and remembered. Here are the comments by the lady. I am aware of American men who have problems with ex-wives and ex-girlfriends and they are unhappy about their lack of access to the children. We really need to solve problems. In nature, and among mammals like ourselves, we may have different mates. Some people can and do marry for life. Others don't or can't, for whatever reason. What we need is a system that allows the men and women to get together and to do the horizontal hokey pokey which nature pushes us to doing. This is natural, this is healthy. And this will result in children. We must let nature take its course, and we must see to it that we have a smoothe method of handling the results thereof. We NEED sexual contact, we NEED those powerful, natural emotions. This is physically and mentally healthy and the end product is children, which are ASSETS – in fact, the most CRUCIAL BUILDING BLOCKS OF THE FUTURE. We need a system of handling this behaviour so that we can let the "animal" inside us, do the animal things. The animal things result in VALUABLE CHILDREN. The animal thing is quite uncontrollable at times, but we must not stigmatise these things. We must let people LIVE and experience, SEX and LOVE. Confidence and depth comes from LIVING LIFE. We need to have men and most especially women, dedicated to the critical tasks of nurturing and training the children. There is a lot of hard, important work to do. Raising and teaching children is simply the human form of say, building a building. It requires WORK. Everything is WORK. Roll up your sleeves and work.We are extremely unhealthy. How many of us, like myself, don't have children? This is very wrong. We must make it easier and practical and White women need to have their NATURAL ROLE, the thing that comes NATURALLY TO THEM, is the thing they should be doing. Forget your worthless career. Forget your worthless Jewish bank account. A more important task is building the future with our people and BABIES are the building block of EVERYTHING! With no CHILDREN, WE DIE!!!! Jan]

She wrote:

Absolutely right about encouraging our women to have lots of babies. The Roman Catholic Church has done so much damage. Celibacy as you mentioned. Having young women enter the convent is another.

In years past, women were looked down on if they had a baby out of wedlock. That is not the case today.

It is easier to raise children if a man is there to help. Many men want to be involved in raising their children but often women will take the children away from the father because she can do so by using the crooked system which helps her do this. Fathers must be involved in their childrens’ lives.

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