White Americans: Return to the values of your founding fathers: Slave Owners, Racists, Dominant White men

I will return to these topics. But, please, White Americans, take yourselves and your achievements more seriously. I would go so far as to say that you should return directly to the values of your founding fathers. Your founding fathers were still proud, dominant White men. They were SLAVE OWNERS. They looked down on other races. They defeated Indians in race wars. Your founding fathers were racists who set out to create a newer, better Europe. They are the best model for you to model yourselves on.

They warned you of the future.

If you begin by accepting that slavery is bad, then you’re already going down the slippery slope the Jew is taking you, of admitting that your founding fathers are criminals, scum, etc.

You White Americans should NOT back down on either RACE or even SLAVERY – NOT ONE BIT.

You’re slitting your own throats by doing that.

In Europe, in pre-Christian times they had concepts like "The Right to Conquest". In other words, if you conquered someone, then you had the right to do with them as you pleased. If you conquered someone YOU OWNED THEM. They don’t have rights. They belong to you like cattle.

Slavery and the abolition of slavery was a huge and stupid idea that came from Jewish Britain. Look at stupid Britain which once had an empire and now have nothing. Did Britain really do a good thing … EVEN FOR ITSELF?

The Europeans would never have been that stupid. The Ancient Greeks and the Romans, who were the most advanced European societies that existed until say the 1500’s – WERE FILLED WITH SLAVES.

We Whites in Africa are probably the last Whites who actually knew what it was like to dominate another race. And we saw clearly the benefits of White rule.

You Americans are slipping and sliding away from the very principles THAT MADE YOU GREAT.

The simplest advice I can think of for you Americans is to advise you to go back to your true roots, your founding fathers and don’t back down one inch on the men who ruled America for the first decades of it’s existence.


Everyone on the planet did slavery – from the Chinese to the Muslims. The Jews dream of having 2,800 slaves each in their demented dreams. The Muslims took millions of White slaves and used the White women for concubines and the White men were castrated. Nobody says a word about these things.

WE WERE WINNERS, and BY RIGHT OF CONQUEST we did certain things. If you abandon your original values then you are abandoning THE SYSTEM THAT USED TO WORK.

I will explain this more in videos about wars and why White men lose wars. Then you’ll grasp this more clearly.

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