White American tells me: Roe Vs Wade: I never thought this could be overturned in my lifetime

[This is from an email from an American I've known for almost 20 years. He was amazed by what happened. Despite the weaker aspects of this – e.g. a woman can drive to another state for an abortion – the real issue here is that something was changed that no American thought could ever be changed! That's the key! Whites, double-down and push forward for your own freedom! IT IS POSSIBLE! Jan]

The American wrote:

It’s not something I would think would have ever happened in my lifetime. Unfortunately, it might serve to energize all of the useful idiots here (watch for thousands of recently minted liberal arts graduates [white females]) crying on cue in some Astroturfed "pink pussy hat" sort of equivalent rally and potentially energizing the Democrats for the next election (that are really hurting now — Biden might soon be the least popular president in U.S. history.)

As far as actually stopping abortions, it won’t really do much. It might cause a woman in, say, Mississippi to have to drive to an adjacent state. (Maybe it will help drive more shitlibs out of these sorts of areas?)

The big win is that it does set a precedent for federal overreach. Anything that moves decision making back to the state level is a good thing. However, after decades of watching the cultural and political milieu continue to worsen here, I’m a bit cynical about it really meaning much. It is sometimes difficult to get the pulse on actual opinion here because the Jewish media creates such an "Astroturfed" false consensus of reality. When the inevitable young white female "outrage march" happens, it will be covered by MSNBC in a matter no less hyperbolic than their nonsensical tone of the "insurrection" (you might remember from the prior elections when the camera angles at Trump’s rallies were always "conveniently" placed too close to him such that no one had an idea of the tens of thousands of people in attendance — Trump would get 50,000 in a stadium with thousands turned away, while Brandon would get a hundred.

Nevertheless, it is a win. I have some fellow travelers who have stated that it will just cause blacks to have more babies. Well, the white/black differential birth rate is definitely a problem, but the thing is, even though statistically there are probably more black abortions per capita than white, it still doesn’t even come close to equalizing the growth rates. However, the white birth rate was definitely driven down by abortion-on-demand. Overall, even aside from morality (and I confess, when I saw the number of black abortions, it was… well…) I think completely outlawing abortion would be necessary. The birth rate issue can be addressed in other ways. The problem (well, one of 1000) with the USA right now is that even if we stopped all illegal immigration tomorrow, and perhaps even sent most of them back, within a couple of generations our demographics would STILL be Brazilian (at best) on a good day and we would be unable to maintain civilization here due to the iron law of racial/civilizational determinism. I would think that to start, anyone who has even a single baby out of wedlock that they cannot care for should most likely be sterilized. Right now you just have this utterly ridiculous situation where somehow I need a license to drive a car, or to buy alcohol, yet I can go out and have a dozen different kids with a dozen different women, have them all become wards of the State, etc. and this is legal somehow. Resacrazlizing the sex act vis a vis the marriage bond and making effective child-rearing is going to be a necessary step. (Without letting women off the hook, some men definitely need to step it up here. Right now, our mass media promotes a "life as eternal PornHub video clip" sort of nonsense where the end goal in life is to stick your dick in as many orifices as possible.)

Getting a little long in the tooth here, but (a) it is a very mild win; (b) probably won’t mean much practically and will energize these Lefty idiots and (c) we need a complete reversal of the last 50-100 years of poisonous social engineering to even have a prayer of righting the ship.

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