Which of these billionaires is a Jew? Bezos, Gates, Jobs

The website: Jew or Not a Jew, has these rankings for these billionaires. It seems to me from the website that a rating of 10, means the person is a Jew.

They rated Jeff Bezos as a 5.
They rated Bill Gates as a 4.

However, interestingly, they rated the late Steve Jobs as a 7!!!!

Jobs is also not a true "white".

Here is what they say about the different billionaires by their estimates:

Steve Jobs

Jew Score:
February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011
Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder and CEO, is not Jewish. He doesn’t practice Judaism. He doesn’t self-identify as Jewish. His parents are not Jewish. End of story.Or is it?

For Paul and Clara Jobs are not Steve’s biological parents; his birth parents are Abdulfattah John Jandali (obviously not a Jew) and Joanne Carole Schieble, who just happens to be…

No, not Jewish either. German/Swiss Catholic. Jandali, a Syrian Muslim, and Schieble gave up Steve for adoption when he was born out of wedlock, but later married — in a church, and became the parents of Mona Jindali, later known as novelist Mona Simpson (after who, interestingly, Homer Simpson’s mother is named)… Where were we?

Yes, Steve Jobs. Not Jewish.

End of story.

Verdict: Sadly, not a Jew.

Bill Gates

Jew Score:
October 28, 1955 —
Fine, readers. FINE. Enough already. We will profile Bill Gates.And here are some of the reasons we should profile him, according to you, our readers (everything sic):

"I’ve read somewhere that he is jewish""he’s rich""wealthiest person in the world""I thought he was a jew, it is somewhat a general belief""His mother is a jew""He is my idol""VERY RICH!""He’s Jewish, duh"Well, duh, indeed. Other than the reader who wants us to profile his idol… really? REALLY? Oh, come on, dear readers!

So let’s see. One prevailing theory is RICH = JEWISH. Oh, how we wish it to be true! Sadly, that is not always the case. Yes, dear readers, there are some MANY rich people who are NOT Jewish. That might sound hard to believe, but it’s true.

For Bill Gates is NOT Jewish. His lineage is a mix of English, German, and Scotch-Irish, with no discernible Jewishness anywhere on the family tree, going back to the 1700s. He’s William Henry Gates III, for crying out loud, named after his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather! His mother is a pure WASP! His sister’s name is Kristi! He… Oh, enough already. He is not a Jew!

There you have it, readers. You got your wish. Now please stop asking us to profile Barack Obama.

Verdict: Not a Jew.

March 19, 2010

Jeff Bezos

Jew Score:
(Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen)
January 12, 1964 —
If this was HispanicOrNotHispanic.com, Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos would make an excellent profile. Yes, he is often referred to as Hispanic, but the link comes from his Cuban stepfather.But this is not HispanicOrNotHispanic.com…

If this was ScandinavianOrNotScandinavian.com, Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos would make an excellent profile. You see, despite the non-nordic last name, he is Scandinavian! His birth father, a star unicyclist(!), was named Jorgensen.

But this is not ScandinavianOrNotScandinavian.com…

This is JewOrNotJew.com, of course! And we’re not sure if Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos would make an excellent profile on this website…

But enough people are asking!

Verdict: Not a Jew.

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