#BS#When Lambs live among Lions and Tigers: The Reality of Black Americans and Black Genocide

#BS#With regard to my article about Black Americans and the Black Genocide that sits on their doorstep which they seem to be incapable of grasping, I thought about it afterwards and it hit me that the best way to describe the strategic situation of Black Americans is to liken them to a small group of lambs who are living among a lot of Lions and Tigers.

Given the crime stats, people tend to think the Blacks are the most dangerous, but as I’ve explained, in a true military, fight-to-the-death situation they don’t actually stand a chance.

So the reality of America is that Blacks are like a small group of lambs who are living among a LOT of Lions and Tigers and they are angering the Lions and Tigers and they seem incapable of realizing that the Lions and Tigers could be munching on on their bones in short order.

This raw reality seems to have totally escaped the Black Americans.

It amazes me that they are incapable of grasping the raw danger they are in and that in decades to come, things could change for them.

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