When China Rules the world: White British Communist: Martin Jaques

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[The Western world is filled with White traitors of their own race and their own nations. Here's such a shitbag who wrote his BS book about when China rules the world. He's wrong. It won't happen. But people like these need to be HANGED. He also married a non-White. This is just the section about his book. But if you go even on to dumb wikipedia, you'll see that he's a full on big time MARXIST (i.e. Communist). These people are traitors to their own kind. It is horrifying what Britain and the Americans put up with. It's insane. Jan]

When China Rules the World

Jacques became interested in East Asia after a 1993 holiday there.[30] In 2009 he published When China Rules the World. Jacques argued that far from China becoming like the West it would remain highly distinctive. He asserted that China’s economic transformation and political system would continue long into the future and similarly its political system. He criticized Westerners who attempt to understand and evaluate China through a Western prism rather than on its own terms. So, for example, China could not be regarded as a conventional nation-state but was primarily a civilization-state. Westernisation, he suggested, had peaked, and China’s rise will lead to a growing process of sinicisation in the world and the end of a Western-dominated international order.[31]

The book received mixed reviews. Perry Anderson described it as representing ‘a belated meeting of Yesterday’s Marxism with Asian Values’.[32] Mary Dejevsky in The Independent said the book voices ‘part of a debate the Western world should be having’ but with prose ‘not the most elegant’ and ‘repetitive’.[33] David Pilling, on the other hand, thought it ‘a useful corrective to those who assume that emerging superpowers, principal among them China, will recreate themselves in America’s image’,[34] while Joseph Kahn praised the book’s ‘exhaustive, incisive exploration of possibilities that many people have barely begun to contemplate about a future dominated by China’.[35] The journalist Andrew Moody described Jacques as ‘the man of the moment in China’ in 2017 after his book became more popular.[36]

Chinese liberal intellectual Xiang Lanxin argued that the book laid the foundations for the advent of "Wolf Warrior diplomacy", the moniker given to an increasingly aggressive style of diplomacy from China in the 21st century, named after the "Wolf Warrior" patriotic action movie series. Xiang further remarked that Jacques "doesn’t speak Chinese, and knows little about Chinese history and tradition", and that the theory of a civilization state is "utter fiction [that] does not stand up at all in scholarly terms."[37]

When China Rules the World was shortlisted in the United States for the Asia Society’s annual Bernard Schwartz Book Award in 2010, while the UK edition was shortlisted, and was the runner-up, for the Bristol Festival of Ideas Book Award.[citation needed]

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin_Jacques

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