What’s the real Jewish goal with COVID? Mass Slaughter … or … MASS DEPENDENCY FOREVER?


I’ve been mulling this COVID garbage over in my mind.

I am extremely skeptical about the mRNA stuff … because of the animal experiments which showed that in the long term all the animals died, and they died from the over-stimulation of their immune systems. But, those tests also were somewhat limited. There aren’t many such tests that are public. But yes, this looks like the most likely outcome that many are mentioning.

And yes, the vaccines are having nasty side effects.

I am still wondering whether we will see 2 billion people drop dead in 2-3 years time. The Jews would easily lie about it. They would not hesitate to lie about the lie. That is very normal for them.

But I’m not fully sure whether ALL vaccinated people will die. So I have wondered whether, by Jewish Business thinking, whether there is another goal? I have wondered, when I see what these companies are doing, whether they are really trying to get a MASS DEPENDENCY going?

The vaccine itself is, basically, worthless. This is CORONA Virus which is a COLD VIRUS. The vaccine thus would have a value that is the same or very likely more worthless than the flu vaccine. It seems as if you’d need vaccines multiple times per year.

But they’re also working on pills that you take TWICE A DAY!!!

So I am wondering whether the other side of the coin is that they want to create a mass dependency, like the Jew billionaire family in the USA who made billions out of the opioid scam.

I’m wondering if, for those who survive, whether they will have a TOTAL DEPENDENCY for the rest of their lives on vaccines, boosters and pills? So that for the rest of your life you need pills and shots regularly? Imagine you have billions of people HOOKED on your junk science?

I have wondered, but have no proof, whether the vaccine will make you weaker so that you thus NEED MORE MEDICINE?

That would be very Jewish thinking. You create a mass dependency that nobody can get away from. Once you’re vaccinated you are "caught" and thereafter … to stay alive you need more boosters and vaccines and maybe pills for EVERY DAY OF YOUR LIFE!!

That is what I’m wondering about.

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