What’s the real game in Iran? – Jewish division & infiltration?

[One of my friends wrote the note below. I have been aware that there are quite a lot of Jews in Iran, and I have often wondered what role these slime balls are playing there. I do think that there is a softer game going on. I would not be surprised if the real game is a soft game of division. I think the comments below are probably as close to the bone as one can get. Jan]


The link between Trump (whatever (((faction))) controls him) and Iranian leaders which could lead to a settlement is complex. Thierry Meyssan notes that there are two competing powers in Iran:

[Iranian president] “Sheikh Hassan Rohani is a long-time friend of the US deep state: he was the first Iranian contact between the Reagan administration and Israel during the Iran-Contra affair in 1985.”

['Guide of the Revolution' Mullah] “Ayatollah Khamenei … is the head of the Revolutionary Guard militia, of which General Qassem Soleimani was a member.”

“Most of the decisions taken by either power … are immediately contradicted by his competitor.”

“For Sheikh Rohani … it is essential to renew contact with Washington.”

It is more likely that the Rohani Jew faction, and not the Mullah faction, may have enabled the Soleimani assassination.

Meyssan, in conclusion: “Therefore, thunderous statements calling for revenge should not be taken seriously. There will be no Iranian revenge…” – which would give even more credence to the scripted theatrics of the entire affair.

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