What the Jews never tell you: Hitler the Bookworm: Hitlers book reading…

[This is from a discussion I was having with Joe Rizoli. The Jews never tell you what a brilliant man Hitler was. Instead, they try to write off the Germans and NAZIs as dumb, when in fact, everything they did or touched clearly was of the highest quality. As always these are the facts you never hear from these shitbags. Jan]

On Thu, Jan 21, 2021 at 12:33 AM Joseph Rizoli wrote:

Just a point about Hitler’s book reading.
He was a book worm..I have a book called
HITLERS PRIVATE LIBRARY by Timothy W. RYBACK. Very interesting book.

A complete list of all the books once belonging to Hitler and now part of the Library of Congress’s Third Reich Collection. Also included are books that were owned by other high-ranking Nazis, as well as books from Hitler’s private library that are now located in other collections.

Hitler could talk on ANY SUBJECT.
When he had people over thats when he would fill you in on what his latest reads were…

He knew especially the details of war equipment, tanks, boats, the arts, architecture just tons of stuff.

He would read a book a night I think it was said of him. Of course Hitler wasnt an early riser, he’d get going around noontine to the dismay of his people around him..

The first piece of furniture he got for one of his apartments was. You guessed it, a bookcase.

Joe R.

My reply:
Thanks very much for this. I first read about Hitler being a bookworm from Degrelle’s book about hitler.
That blew me away. Until then I had never once heard of it.
That book you mention – if there is ever a PDF of it I’d love that.
I’ve also heard he read a book a night.
There is a speech I believe where he spoke about how he worked himself up.
He was incredible, and WAY AHEAD OF HIS TIME!
Centuries ahead of his time actually.
It is amazing he even got as far as he did.
Truly a superhuman effort.

Thanks again.

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