What must Whites do with Jews in the future? DNA testing & Death Squads?


[One of my viewers on my Bitchute channel, made these deep observations about the Jews. My own thinking is that the future is RACE WAR, and white men had better recapture Western civilisation in EVERY white country or we are done for. Jan]

My supporter wrote:

I once saw a documentary from Nationalist Germany which explained how and why the Jew was different from Germans. I forgot about it’s name and it has definitely been removed from YouTube. It demonstrated how Jews have Negroid blood, Mongoloid blood from Genghis Khan (Ultra-orthodox Jews in Russia) and European blood from Mediterranean countries and Central/Eastern Europe. The Jew blend into our society by allowing converts into their order which explains the whitewashing of their skin and features. Let’s not forget about crypto-Jews such as Anthony Fauci, Bill gates and even Christopher Columbus who travelled to the Americas the night before Jews were expelled from Spain. These sub-human monsters are hard to spot and hunt down because of their European admixture. I understand the Jewish problem but what is the solution? Do we cleanse them all, down to the last child? Do we sterilise the Jews? Do we round them up and banish them to Madagascar? If we allow them to exist, they will re-enter into our homelands in an act of retribution and vengeance. My mind pulls towards one solution and that is mandatory DNA testing and death squads to hunt every Jew down. What do you think? It’s a difficult question to answer.

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