What I wrote to a White American about the Muslims & Islam – Why are Arabs returning to Islam?

[I wrote this to a Christian American about Islam. He had sent me something nasty about Muslims, and I wanted to explain this in the bigger picture. In a sense, Islam is when LIBERALISM ended. This is like the Germans turning to National Socialism or Whites returning to Paganism. This is merely what the Arabs and others in their regions are doing. This is a return to their roots and nothing more. They are being themselves. NOBODY LIKES LIBERALISM OR GLOBALISM. NOBODY ON THE PLANET OF ANY RACE ACTUALLY WANTS THIS NONSENSE. Jan]

I wrote:

I must tell you, Islam is not really a big issue. We have Muslims here in SA. Islam is merely the Arab/North African/Near-East people who are returning to THEIR FORM OF CONSERVATISM.

That’s all it is. They have families, etc. And of course THEY WANT TO CONQUER and have power because they want to be GREAT again like when they had the Ottoman Empire.

That’s all. It’s merely them returning to their roots.

Among this is of course an anger against Jews, though, Jews lived well among them too in their past. (Everyone, not just Whites, foolishly, treat Jews well and later regret it).

If we return to our own roots, we too will feel strong and we too will want to conquer. That’s natural. That’s healthy and it’s life.

The Muslims, per se, aren’t really a problem. These are merely Jewish scare stories aimed at freaking us out.

If the Muslims lived in their lands, and we in ours, all would be well.

But Jews are mixing things up and looking to cause clashes and killing, etc.

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