What EXACTLY is the NWO (New World Order) versus the Old World Order?


In an email, where someone sent something about the NWO, I wrote the following because I’ve been trying to get to the bottom of some of these concepts in order to understand the American Elite. Here is what I wrote:

I wouldn’t worry too much about it. The NWO is something different, and the date for its complete was 2030. Its like the Bilderbergers. There’s something else on the go. It’s not what you think it is conspiracy-wise. These things have a geopolitical angle. I was reading the first ever notes of bilderberg meetings yesterday, and it adds clarity to what is really going on. I’m struggling to find a proper definition of the NWO and what exactly has been said. But the NWO is, from what I can see, an American-centric situation that locks in WW2 as a US victory whereby the USA is the leader of the West as opposed to European nations leading the world. The NWO is some kind of PEACEFUL arrangement whereby the status quo keeps the USA at the top. It might have been envisaged as something else, but in the end its become an American thing. Its a different "arrangement" of how the West works, but its supposed to suck the whole world into an era of eternal peace, through mechanisms like the UN. This also means that once in place, its meant to keep the status quo. And that status quo works for Jews and the Elite, but with the USA at the top.

This is not an exact definition, but this is as much as I’ve been able to figure out. The Bilderbergers is a European initiative whereby the Europeans try to work with America to stop paranoia leading to a new clash between Europe and America. The founder of it, I think was a German and it was chaired by Prince Bernard.

The Western world is amazingly united in certain ways, at two levels. The first is the unity of the English-speaking nations, which then interacts with a 2nd tier of unity between Europe and the USA.

The real goal, which I think was started by Roosevelt, was to run the world on a legal system, to prevent war. And indeed, that is where we are heading, a PERMANENT STATUS QUO where there is no way to overthrow the system.

What I am looking for is a proper definition of the NWO. I’ve never yet seen such a thing. What did Bush mean when he spoke of 1000 points of light, etc? Where is the documentation that relates to these things? Who has described these things most clearly?

I think too many conspiracists are clutching at straws. We need to find the main actors who spoke about it and wrote about it or defined it. This is the only way we’ll get a firm idea of what exactly is going on.

I’ve found Professor Quigley’s writings to be most informative in describing the Anglo-American world.

But it does not address the NWO.

The "Old World order" was some kind of unspoken set of arrangements that the Western world used to work on, a type of etiquette. There were a bunch of unwritten rules of how nations worked with each other, whereas the NWO is an overturning of that old arrangement.

These are the only things I can discern so far. But there has to be something more concrete we can work with.

Things are NOT perfectly planned ahead. Things also go wrong.

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