What do I think of the White settlement of Orania in South Africa? Someone asks me…


On my channel, someone asked me about Orania, and this was my reply:

Orania is a success. I went there in 2010 and still have the photos and its nice. I was planning on going there this year. I want to visit it again. I have better contacts there now. Orania is not the only thing of this kind. There are a couple of them. The others may be smaller and newer. There at least one other town in the Cape in the south that whites from the Boerelegion are quietly taking over. Orania is however a BUSINESS and they’re doing well, but they’ve been teaming up with Afriforum which is run by some Free Masons linked to Jews. So Afriforum is the one organisation with loads of money. They openly are "against racism" and against "white nationalism". So Orania is walking a careful line there. That does not mean Orania is lost. The people in Orania are 100% hardcore whites who are pro-white. Orania is a more complex topic and I’ve had quiet discussions with someone who lives there. They were doing great in 2010, and now its even better. It is very probable that the Black Govt quietly told them to NOT GROW FASTER. I am told that less than 10% of the people applying to go there are accepted. There are something like 12,000 applications by whites PER MONTH, and the vast majority are being turned down. So there is complex politics at work, but deep down, whites are manoevring, and there are other types of "Oranias". There are a couple, and I think we’ll see multiple places like this popping up. I’m told property prices are shooting through the roof. Lots of it is very good. I don’t want to say too many things. But rest assured, whites are changing their ways. Its all good. Moving is also not cheap, but you must watch when I put up the video about the blacks genociding the Portuguese in Angola. Then you will understand why I believe we whites must actually FIGHT IN THE CITIES. This is a very important topic and that video on Croatia, is just a lead in, to the topics of Race War, and what works and what does not work. You need to understand some military concepts, and then you’ll see why I’m firm on the issue that whites must FIGHT INSIDE CITIES. I estimate that 50-60% of the white population of SA lives in the Pretoria-Johannesburg area within a radius of 100-150Km. In this same area are probably 20 million blacks. But this is a place we must actually stand and FIGHT. So watch the race war stuff as I bring it online. Its a high priority for me. Then you’ll begin to understand why I don’t believe in just fleeing. There are good, solid, military reasons why we must fight literally for every inch. Almost in a Hitler style of "fight to the last man, last round". Not quite that hectic, but we MUST make our enemy BLEED, for every inch of any territory. I will discuss all this in depth, but the starting point is the attempted genocide in Angola, which we will study next here. Then you’ll begin to see WHY I am saying what I’m saying, and I’ll be able to show you REPEATEDLY, why this is a valid approach. You will then also get a deeper grasp of why the Germans fought so much in Stalingrad as well. I’ve got cool things coming. But this week I was working on my shop and related critical things that I cannot leave for a day longer. I’ve kept people waiting for weeks and even months.

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