What a US Vietnam Vet wrote to me: About Jews and Hitler…


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[A US Vet wrote this to me. It is awesome to see how people change and awaken with age. I'll bet when he was in Vietnam he did not think like this. Vietnam is also a war where the Jews at home in the USA did everything they could to ensure that the USA fails in that war. Ditto for the Korean war. But those are topics I'll return to another day. Jan]

I am not an overly affluent old veteran of the VN war. Here’s a comment I left recently below a video: FROM THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION TO AGENDA 2030 – EPISODE 7 https://www.bitchute.com/video/TrPulwbTyIwv/ One of the reasons Hitler lost the war is that he sent his whole country into battle with the effigy of a dead, defeated Jesus nailed to an implement of torture. This effigy was foisted upon the Christian world by the clever and cunning Abrahamites, ensuring that anyone who ever fought against them would already have one foot in the sewer and the other in the grave. Rather, Hitler should have had a new effigy made of cane-in-raised hand, and foot raised to kick over usurious tables Jesus, showing his warrior side as he, in complete disgust, disdain, and rejection, divorced himself from the psychotic Abahamicists at the temple, calling the followers of Yahweh, the Sons of Satan. Jesus taught Natural Law as given my Nature’s God, the only God mentioned in the founding documents of America. It is our simple misunderstanding and blindness to the true meaning of the words and deeds of Jesus at the temple when he removed himself from the Abrahamic tradition that has kept the Western world in the clutches of a Middle Eastern religion, written by very clever and cunning ancient Middle Eastern men, of, by and for Middle Easterners in the Middle East. This tradition has no place in the Western world and should be sent back where it belongs – the Middle East. Full stop. B

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