We’re NOT SICK: The Biology and Personality of Whites: Nothing has changed … we’re the same we’ve always been…

If I think back to 30 years ago, for example, I could not understand why Whites were stupid and doing weird things. I used to think how silly Whites were. I did not realize how we are being manipulated by Jews and their traitors who have hijacked our civilisation.

But as I have observed Whites during the time of the Internet, I’ve become ever more confident that our race will be fine. Whites have only been Liberals due to intense, misleading, mass propaganda for decades. When Whites are exposed to the facts, all Whites are quite fine.

Whites are NOT NATURALLY SUICIDAL. But if they are inundated with a lying message, for long enough, intensely enough, then they accept it. This is the same for all people, not just Whites. I would say that Whites resist a message more than others. But if the process is done with great enough intensity and power, then it does work.

At the end of the day, it is unreasonable to expect the common man to fight the entire system at the top alone. Yet there are a GREAT MANY WHITES in many countries, who did resist Jewish Liberal/Diversity crap nonsense.

The more I watch how our people are responding and evolving to changes and threats the more positive I am about Whites.

Just keep one final thing in mind. The common person also has their limitations. In the end, we are waging war from the BOTTOM in a system that has been hijacked by Jews and their traits.

At the end of the day, MOST of the same factors that have motivated our people in past centuries and millennia are still there. It’s just that Jewish junk capitalism and other Jewish junk ideas have softened us and misdirected our thinking.

But as we evolve and especially as we break out of the narrative, I think we will return more and more to being ourselves.

As we find ourselves we will return to being what we are … and we’ll be AWESOME!!!

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