Were British Civil Servants always faggots? – Jewish boy sex like Lord Janner – My Comments


I was reading an article about a case in Singapore about laws that the British introduced there in the 1930s that were anti-gay. Then it mentioned that a recently declassified document was going to be brought into the trial.

The hint was that it might be that the British govt clamped down on gay sex in Singapore because British Civil Servants were into male prostitution.

This weird nonsense makes me wonder about the Jews and all their under age sex (e.g. Epstein) and Lord Janner who liked to have sex with little boys in the British parliament.

I wonder if there is some kind of screwball Jewish connection there.

Clearly something weird is afoot and has been afoot somewhere in the British govt for some time.

Anything weird and screwy … almost always, almost without fail, will lead back to Jews.

Its a point worth watching.


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