Weird: US Intelligence and Scientists say COVID origins is a mystery…


[This is from a science website. This is just the leading paragraph. But they were referring even to a US Intelligence report and the Scientists say that there is no firm conclusion on the origins of COVID. WTF? I thought this was pretty well established? What is happening now? Do you want to tell me the whole world went crazy with something that everyone was watching and monitoring and now they don't really know where it came from? I thought it was clear that it came from Communist China? Jan]

This is the intro paragraph:

A US intelligence-community investigation is inconclusive on the origins of SARS-CoV-2, but finds that the virus wasn’t weaponized and is unlikely to have been engineered. Scientists have expressed satisfaction that the report took a dispassionate, scientific approach to the controversial topic. It’s no surprise that the report hasn’t solved the mystery of COVID-19’s beginnings, say researchers and members of the intelligence community, because outbreak origin investigations are often complicated. After the release of the public report on 27 August, US President Joe Biden said that the United States would continue its efforts to trace the origins of COVID-19.

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