WEIRD STUFF: Liberal New Zealand about to privatise to Chinese and (((Anglo-American Bankers?))


[Some bizarre news from New Zealand. There's a link to a PDF story at the bottom. Jan]


What they are cunningly doing in implementing the 3-Waters program is consolidating New Zealand’s water assets (owned in trust on behalf of the public) and merge them all into a centralized conglomerate, ready to PRIVATIZE them to multinational corporations probably the Chinese (which indirectly Anglo/American banks already control in order to reduce some of the enormous debt our insane government is running up as the result of the covid-19 lockdowns at present). The Maoris are only being used in the process to largely divide and conquer everyone, and abolish the Christian heritage and sovereignty of the country. They have completed privatisation already in Greece, much of Europe, South America, much of the US and Australia. We are next. Now that they’ve got a big-mouthed smiling Communist rock star, NZ Tooth Fairy running the show – worshipped by most of the mindless masses – how can they miss?

I previously warned our Government Tax Working Group about this pervading evil in my 75-page submission to them on page 36 which someone from the Tax Working Group in the Government has subsequently, surprisingly, courageously posted on the Internet. If farmers were to read my submission, indeed all New Zealanders as well, they might learn a thing or two about how the cunning Tooth Fairy, on behalf of the banking pirates, who really control her, are soon going to have all their cherished assets and freedoms subtly stolen from them, not only their water resources, but the whole farm, lock, stock and barrel!

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