We are being played: Trump, Mossad, Jew sex fiend Epstein & is Adam Green a Gate Keeper?

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[This is from a friend of mine, Daniel Johns. I'm not 100% sure that Trump is a Mossad controlled actor. Originally he might not have been. But I have wondered, and continue to wonder whether that sex on the island with Jew Epstein and the under-age girls, has been pulled on Trump and now Trump has to play along? Plus of course he's been surrounded by Jews all his life. Whichever, way, the Jews are trying to destroy him at the same time using the impeachment nonsense.

In this note from Chuck Brands is mention that: Adam Green, a website owner, might also be a Gate Keeper. So make of the news below, what you will. There might be valuable stuff in there. Jan]

From: Daniel Johns

Chuck Brands

Nov 15 at 8:36 PM – 2019

Trump is merely a Mossad-controlled actor/performance artist/puppet ad libbing his lines.

Author of that 2016 article, Timothy Fitzpatrick, wrote another article (at Fitzpatrick Informer https://fitzinfo.wordpress.com/ now disappeared from the Web) proving fairly conclusively that Trump is also a crypto-jew.

Here’s a weaker version from a different website. https://crushtheserpent.blogspot.com/2016/06/is-donald-trump-jewish.html

This is all high-level deception involving paradoxes within paradoxes that is not supposed to make sense to any rational observer, thereby leaving everyone dazed and confused and easier to manipulate.

On a separate note, I hope I’m wrong, but I’m thinking more and more that Adam Green of Know More News is another case of a very sophisticated and deceptive controlled opposition gatekeeper which Fitzpatrick makes the case for here: http://theinfounderground.com/smf/index.php?topic=25760.0A

Unity Through Nobility
Chuck Brands

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