WASTEFUL Jewish Capitalism and Big Business Versus White Ingenuity – Jews don’t charge us for Breathing Air – Yet!

[This is from my chat with that Christian American lady I've known for a very long time. Her term "Chosen people" means: JEWS!!! Or more correctly: Jewish SCUM!  Jan]

She wrote:
I told my son to get a charcoal filter that is made for well water and use it for the kitchen water that can be used for cooking and drinking. That way you don’t need bottled drinking water. That’s how I do it with my well. The commune governor Kate Brown plans to put meters on wells and charge us for using our wells because the cities lose money on city water.

I agree about the cruddy way business is. That commercial system imposed on us by those chosen people isn’t the only way to do business and there is more than one way to skin a cat. They use that system because it is the easiest way for them to keep us down.

I wrote:
We must all become more self-sufficient. There are many problems to solve just with a bit of information and work and you don’t need MONEY.

Jews have commercialised EVERYTHING … down to the water you drink. The only thing they’ve not started charging for is FOR BREATHING AIR!!!

Hitler did economics the best.

Take care,

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