Was Payton Gendron engaging in revenge for the Black man who massacred the White American Women?


It seems to me, that among several reasons Payton gave for doing what he did, he raised the issue of that very nasty incident a few months ago, where that Black guy, with his car deliberately drove over and killed as many White women as he could.

That was a terribly hideous incident, and yet, you won’t find the Mass Media screeching and howling about that very deliberate incident. That’s already long forgotten. But it was extremely nasty.

I have a short video of it. That Black guy killed or injured something like between 12-15 White women and girls. And you won’t hear a peep about it.

But when Whites do anything then you hear howling and crying of racist, NAZI, etc … and when Whites give their reasons, then everything they say is dismissed and pooh poohed.

I wrote about it some time ago: http://historyreviewed.best/index.php/videos-a-day-of-horror-in-white-america-black-massacre-of-white-women-re-kyle-rittenhouse-verdict/

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