Was Oswald Spengler a Crypto-Jew? – Spengler’s predictions of the collapse of White power impressed me…


[This is from a discussion I was having with some people about Spengler. One man said Spengler was a crypto-Jew. I disagree. I don't see evidence that he was a Jew. And also, his mind was far too sharp and deep, and accurate for a Jew! Jan]

Hitler did not like Spengler. I need to look more closely at that. I, myself, was not keen on Spengler, and I very nearly did not look into his work, and I found it quite boring.

I did look into Spengler and his attitude to Jews, etc. He did not like the NAZIs and Hitler.

Spengler’s not a Jew. His great grandfather had a child with a Jewish woman. But remember, lots of Germans had interbred with Jews. So even by NAZI reckoning Spengler is not a Jew.

I don’t think Spengler is a crypto-Jew. I think he was just a German who did not understand Jews. Remember many, including Neitzsche, said positive things about Jews and you would not call him a crypto-Jew.

Spengler does not praise Jews like Nietzsche. He’s more realistic. But his entire set of thinking is very different to that of Hitler.

But I will tell you that in the end, Spengler wrote a lot about "The White races" and how we would be overrun and destroyed by "the Coloured races". It is clear as daylight. And his defense of our civilization is impressive.

What kept my interest in Spengler was his mention of COMMUNISM in the 1800s. Jews were pushing communism in the 1800s. I know this from other stuff I looked at. Now Spengler does not see the connection between Jews and Communism.

But Spengler saw communism as a huge threat to our civilization. Spengler is complex. So there is much I can’t say with certainty. But I will emphasize that his predictions for our race and civilization are truly amazing.

This does not come from a weak Jewish mind. This comes from a German – but a German with some different views to Hitler and who does not grasp Hitler. Spengler had very bad health and he died even before WW2 started.

His original work was published in 1918. It is an astounding piece of thinking I must tell you. I think Spengler is better than Stoddard who also predicted the demise of Whites. I think Spengler’s arguments are more accurate.

Spengler identified clearly 2 big "megatrends" which he saw as being the beginning of our downfall. I truly can’t fault him on this.

He was also clearly concerned about the survival of the White Race. He used the term "White Races" – plural. His arguments become very complex and hard to grasp. But, Spengler does paint a very accurate high level picture that truly has stood the test of time.

I would say that Spengler must surely be credited with the greatest prophecy regarding our racial dangers and the downfall of our civilization that anyone has ever done. And he also came up with a historically valid solution – "Caesarism" – military power.

The only man with a bigger, longer term prediction who will be proven right is Nietzsche. He predicts the end of Christianity. And he also said it would take CENTURIES. But it would go away. It would be defeated by logic and science.

I must tell you, Spengler truly did something amazing. Like I say, it’s insanely complex, and how he arrived at it is amazing.

For the record, Spengler lived in actual, real POVERTY. This was no fat Jew. He was a genuine German. He was an academic – a teacher. Whereas Hitler was more a man of action with a military/science background.

So there are things Hitler grasped that an academic could not. But I will tell you, I was amazed by Spengler. I don’t think there is anyone, ever, who made such an accurate prediction so far ahead of time.

What amazes me even more are his timelines.

Mind you, Dr Goebbels wrote an essay about the year 2000. He wrote it in the final year of the war, knowing that the Jews would win. That too was some serious scholarship.

The vast majority of academics, economists and politicians can’t predict a year ahead accurately. So Spengler’s predictions, a century ahead of the time, are amazing.

Spengler also referred to the American Lothrop Stoddard, who was also way ahead of his time. I was mixing up Stoddard with someone else’s book I read recently who had another scientific theory about why superior people would always be overcome by lesser people.

I have problems with the thinking therein. Though it had some amazing facts.

Make no mistake, I did not go in, with a positive view of Spengler. But once I digested a bunch of it, I must tell you, I’m impressed. For something written 100+ years ago, it is seriously impressive that he could reach the conclusions he did.

To be able to look at a complex world and to be able to detect the most important trends and their consequences and to also know that these trends WILL CONTINUE. That is some serious thinking. I’m not saying Spengler is perfect.

That took some serious knowledge. He also seems to have a tremendous grasp of many other past civilisations and I was amazed at how he could find certain parallels with ours.

However, important themes he raised were: (1) Communism – the rebellion of the low man (which we know was pushed by Jews) (2) The various methods by which Coloured people would become stronger while we would become weaker.

In the end, he did not just predict the problem, he also validly predicted the solution, which is a warrior mindset. He thought that armies of White "Prussians" (Prussian, by his definition being a warrior concept) and led by "Caesars" would be the only way forward. He saw them as CRUSHING and DOMINATING the Coloured peoples.

That is valid historical thinking. So Spengler has left me impressed.

Be aware there are Germans who differed with Hitler. This does not mean that Hitler is wrong or that they are traitors. There is one particular German General from WW1 who was such a case, and he even refused to fight in WW2. Hitler thought (correctly) thought he was brilliant. It was sad. But such is life.

I will tell you, whenever I’ve looked at Jewish academics and Jewish thinking, I am not impressed. On the rare occasions when they’re not lying, even when they are trying to be honest, they are never outstanding. I’ve never seen Jews with a truly deep depth of thinking of the kind that the best of the European race is capable of. There are no Jewish intellectual giants. But there are plenty of European/White intellectual giants.

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