Was Julian Assange a scumbag or an incredible hero … the greatest hero of the Internet?


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A reader took me to task about Assange:Julian Assange was needed to get Trump elected by Israel. Adelson was Trump’s biggest contributor. Look into the cult Assange grew up in. He is no hero. He is just an actor doing what he is told. He is probably basking in the sun with Epstein over some chilled wine. Mr. Sin sounds more like a Clinton, either one, than an Epstein.

This was my response:

Why don’t you like Assange? What Assange did was incredible. He published 250,000 Classified, valid documents. Nothing like this has happened before. And some of it was so damned useful. I saw documents to do with Mugabe in Zimbabwe for example … fantastic stuff that really let some cats out of the bag that were terribly harmful to our enemies. And the stuff he published was real stuff, that people were feeding him. What I do not know is how exactly he got all this. I have never dug deeper into it. But to me, the stuff he let out was incredible and it was very professionally done. He used Sweden I think and its laws as a way to get this done. It was truly a coup of the most incredible kind.

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