WARNING: Why is a Jewish Scientist pushing Alien evidence?


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Just a quick note that there’s a Jewish scientist called Loeb who is big on trying to prove that Aliens exist and that we can find them. I’ve mentioned this scientist before.

When there was a rock that came into the solar system about 2 or so years ago, and the rock then left, this Jew was claiming it was a spacecraft. This Jew has been making other claims too.

There was a Jew Israeli in the IDF who also spoke about Aliens a few years ago.

I am EXTREMELY SKEPTICAL about why these Jews are pushing the alien topic. I used to believe that nonsense. It’s just a bunch of crap. But Jews seem to be pushing it in mainstream circles. Then there is the weird "whistle blower" who spoke in congress recently who seems very suspicious to me.

I think something is up. Maybe it is some kind of diversion to focus people’s minds elsewhere while the Jews focus on stealing stuff and controlling countries.

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