WARNING: WARNING: Updates re: Threat to take down my 3 websites

WARNING: WARNING: My websites could be taken down. I will publish more details. In the period 2006-2018 my websites were taken down in their entirety by hosting companies on various bogus reasons. One of the original take downs was about farm murders being “spam”. A very bad thing has happened with my latest hosting provider which previously had NEVER interfered with websites. They changed their TOS (Terms of Service) in a way that is bad news. This could easily be the prelude to a take down in the near, medium or long term future. I suspect it will not be the long term. I will post more details later. The websites that could be taken down are: historyreviewed.com, africancrisis,info and white-shop.biz – (((They))) do not like the truth coming out I’m afraid. This is on top of bad new media laws in South Africa, which themselves are a threat. The (((President))) has signed some hideous laws in recent weeks preparing for big problems with land seizures. He’s been making ever more changes in preparation to seizing things from whites. But he has also signed unprecedented legislation that can also result in jail terms for people like me who run websites. But it is the TOS of my US hosting provider that is concerning me the most. Among the things I must seriously consider is: where to next? Is there a safe way of hosting my websites anywhere? I am extremely concerned by the weakness of these American companies to (((financial))) and (((hate speech))) pressures.

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