WARNING: Jews working VERY HARD to start WW3 between USA & Europe Vs Russia!

[Here is a very important post from Alex Linder about the nightmare that is unfolding in the Ukraine. Jews are behind this. It was Jews who kicked off this war. Its now getting worse!

Note: Alex posts lots of political news on his website daily, so check it out. Jan]

Ukraine and Russia

Days after Russia captured several Ukrainian naval vessels along with 24 sailors, Moscow announced the deployment of the S-400 system, escalating the conflict in the region. Ukraine, which is now in a state of martial law over what President Petro Poroshenko calls the “threat of a full-scale war with Russia,” says that “the number of [Russian] units that have been deployed along our border has grown dramatically.”

Though likely the plans were already in motion, the timing of the S-400 deployment announcement is designed to send a strong message to the West, which is also building up its forces as both the UK and US are reportedly injecting more military hardware and troops into Ukraine.

The S-400 mobile missile system has an effective range of nearly 250 miles and is intended to bring down a variety of aerial threats – “from aircraft to cruise and ballistic missiles,” according to Fox.

Source: http://www.kirksvilletoday.com/

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