WARNING: Are Jews at work? Google has changed it’s algorithms – Websites experiencing drops in traffic

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[I saw a note from a commercial website that sent out the warning below. They then mention below that Google has changed it's algorithm and that's why many websites are experiencing a drop in traffic. What I don't understand, and what is NOT EXPLAINED is what Google has chosen to do instead. If websites, normal websites are experiencing drops in traffic THEN WHAT EXACTLY IS GOOGLE DOING? If it's not sending traffic to normal websites then where are they sending it? Or, is it a case that they are sending more traffic to the BIG WEBSITES … to the JEW-OWNED WEBSITES? This is something we must investigate. Google has to send it's traffic to one place or another. It can't send it nowhere. So why are so many normal websites experiencing a traffic drop? My suspicion is that it is going to the RICH. That's my guess. We need to dig more. Jan]

Did your site traffic drop? Here’s the trend that I’m seeing ..

Did your website traffic drop recently?

Well, it’s not just you … a lot of sites on the internet (including mine) are seeing a drop.

This is because of two main reasons: travel restrictions are easing up, so more people are out traveling, and of course Google did a SEO algorithm update.

I’ve gotten a lot of emails from readers asking about what to do with traffic drop.

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