WANTED: All stories of Hitler’s love affairs & friendships with women…


I was chatting to some people when a fool in the group began to show that he was really just a Jewish troll. He was a real asshole. I then wrote the following to some of the people. I do so wish I could find the woman whom I saw putting out all the stories and photos of women Hitler knew. It was amazing. This was about 6 years ago, and sadly, I was never able to contact her. It is so important. Hitler was shy, but he wasn’t otherwise weird or creepy. Jim Rizoli and Diane King say the same thing. So this is the note I sent folks, but I think we need to do more digging on this topic:

What this has prompted is my desire to get stuff about the women hitler was involved with.
I’m telling you, about 5 or so years ago, there was a woman on a gab-like social media (I forget its name), and she produced the most incredible stories and photos of the women Hitler knew and his interactions with them. They respected him, and they either had friendships or a love affair. He stuff was incredible. I tried to write to the woman to ask her sources, but she never replied. She named the women, gave all their details, etc. And she did this for weeks and weeks on end. I could kick myself for not saving it. It was incredible.
And there has to be truth to it because I know about the girl Hitler was obsessed with as a teenager. I still want to do a video about that some day. And I have published a story of a woman who admitted to being his secret lover. There is no question that he was a normal male who liked WOMEN. I have a favourite photo of him with women, where you can see the girls fawning over him and he even seems shy. It’s lovely. He liked women. That is unquestionable. He wasn’t a pervert like the ugly fag churchill who liked to go on holidays to weird places where there was man sex.
Some of the women that Hitler knew were unbelievably breathtakingly beautiful I must tell you. They were prettier than Eva.

Look also how Hitler promoted women in a male dominated society, he used women when he thought they had genuine talent. e.g. his pilot, etc

I know that there’s CIA crap about Hitler and perverted sex. I’ve looked into it, and watched it all, and it comes directly from the CIA and the CIA got it from the JEWISH DOCTOR who was the doctor of Hitler’s Mother.So there’s you freaking lying Jew right there.

His friend when he was young, told of the girl that Hitler was totally smitten with and how he would go and loiter around places where he knew she and her mom would pass by, simply so he could greet her.

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